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ALDAU Development has always been passionate about arts and culture, with a strong vision to become the pioneer and main sponsor for events that aim to revive art-celebration into the world of entertainment.

The city of Hurghada witnessed the largest international exhibition at the ALDAU International Conference Center located at Steigenberger ALDAU Beach Hotel on the promenade.

It was such a unique, interesting and delightful well organized event in Hurghada where international and local professional artists were involved with paining in front of all guests during 4 days.

  Grand Opening of Arena at ALDAU Art Promenade took place on the 7 th of June with a great street festival with exciting shows and live music performancesalong the promenade and a gala concert at the Arena.

The Lithuanian community in Hurghada is celebrating the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania's independence. 
It introduces culture and history of Lithuania to the public of the Red Sea through a series of events.