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 921 Sculpture
ALDAU Development has always been passionate about arts and culture, with a strong vision to become the pioneer and main sponsor for events that aim to revive art-celebration into the world of entertainment. That’s why ALDAU Art Promenade in Hurghada, the hub for varied categories of arts and culture, has organized a three-dimensional 15-day event, Egypt Sculpture Symposium, with the collaboration of local and international sculptors who worked on marble, scrap, wood, and clay materials to create different art pieces. Among the sculptors were Antonina Fatkhullina from Russia, Selene Frosini from Italy, Roland Höft from Germany, Andrej Mitevski from Macedonia, Snezana Markovic and Nedim mafa from Serbia, and of course, Ahmed Mousa, Kamal El Fekey, Mohamed Hemida and Saied Kamel from Egypt. The final work of the sculptors was exhibited at the Art Promenade on 20th of February.
921 Sculpture Bottom
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