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House dust mites (Dermatophagoides) are very tiny and present in large quantities, especially in carpets and mattresses; logically their harmful excrements too. The proof we partially owe to serial inventor Horst Veith.

Mr. Veith, how did you approach the problem with the house dust mites?
Solely the suspicion that there are house dust mites in textile objects was not sufficient. There had to be a proof created, simple, rapid and easy to use by everybody. The solution were test strips reacting to the guanine which is present in the excrements. The application was adapted to the mostly used household appliance, the vacuum cleaner.

Could you please explain that further?

It is very simple, an attachment to each vacuum cleaner tube contained a device which collected  a part of the normal house dust, the mites’ excrements too. A depot was established with reaction test rods, which could be induced into the dust at the touch of a button and which by means of a special solvent could be brought to reactivity, at the touch of a button, too.

The test strip showed, when withdrawn, the quantitative mite excrements load on a four-staged colour scale.

What did this mean to mankind, especially to persons who are allergic to house dust?
Through that everyone, especially persons that were allergic to house dust were capable to find out the concentration of the harmful allergy- causing mite excrements in their households. Afterwards, the corresponding sanitary measures, as for instance the POTEMA mattress or carpet cleaning, could be applied.

How is the situation today?

On the basis of current examinations it was absolutely certain that mattresses, both in hotels and private, contain massive quantities of house dust mite excrements. And that’s the reason why sanitary measures by means of the POTEMA mattress cleaning should absolutely be carried out. In addition to this a mini allergen laboratory is used; an important step to hygiene and problem solution with allergic persons.

Thank you for this conversation, Mr. Veith.

- Mr. Veith was interviewed by Waltraud Wagner.

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