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In the first results of the Green Initiative to protect the biodiversity of the Red Sea

A beach cleanup was carried out in the Al Ahyaa District of Hurghada on Monday February 10, 2020 with thanks to Friend of Rotary Club El Gouna, Carol King, who arranged everything with Waleed Ramadan of the Ministry of Environment's National Parks of Egypt and HEPCA.

The Ministry of environment, in cooperation with the Arab office for youth and environment, launched the celebration of National Environment Day on January 27 every year from 2020 to emphasize the role of civil society to highlight its efforts in environmental conservation and development.

Egypt’s Red Sea governor, General Ahmed Abdullah, decided to ban single-use or disposable plastics starting from June after agreeing to the proposal submitted by Hepca (Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association).

Egypt’s only waterfalls are located at the valley of Wadi El-Rayan, 65 km southwest of Fayoum city, is home to two large artificial lakes created to divert excess agricultural drainage water from Fayoum oasis. It is also home to the country’s only waterfalls. Interesting is that they are man-made!