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The Ministry of environment, in cooperation with the Arab office for youth and environment, launched the celebration of National Environment Day on January 27 every year from 2020 to emphasize the role of civil society to highlight its efforts in environmental conservation and development.
Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the environment, confirmed that the national environment day, comes under the theme "turning green… a path to sustainability." It aims to promote community participation in the spread of green bodies and the promotion of a culture of gardening among citizens and its importance in the face of air pollution and the effects of climate change.
The events include a series of activities carried out through the ministry of the environment and its regional branches in the provinces and in cooperation with ministries, various actors, civil society institutions, individuals and the private sector throughout the republic. Seminars, workshops, environmental competitions, clean and reforestation campaigns.
Environmental competitions are an effective mechanism in raising environmental awareness. The events include a poster design competition, the environmental photography, recycling School waste, the most beautiful district or environmental street, environmental messages are also broadcast in the visual, audio and media.
The celebration events are also an opportunity to raise awareness of the new waste system and support the publication of the idea of supporting the conversion of waste to valuable products through the implementation of workshops to transform waste into useful products, and the top three civil society associations working in the field of conservation will be honored.
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