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Clean Up the Red Sea
The first results of the Green Initiative to protect the biodiversity of the Red Sea:
   Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment, announced the success of her first action to protect biological diversity in the Red Sea in cleaning the tourist port from 14 tons of waste in just four days thanks to Red Sea Reserves in cooperation with the Red Sea governorate, Diving room, Maritime activities and Hepca association.
An extensive clean-up campaign has been carried out for 10 days from June 19 and continues to June 29.
The Minister of Environment explained that the waste extracted from the tourist port has varied between plastic, glass, metal, wooden and other materials and has been transferred to the health vault for safe disposal.
Participants in the campaign expressed their gratitude for the Ministry's efforts to develop reserves and protect coral reefs, marine life.
The number of participants in the campaign varied from 13 to 17 divers per day.
Jun 19
An amazing first day for the Red Sea Clean-up in Hurghada, a big thank you to Live green, HEPCA, Red Sea Protected Areas. and وزارة البيئة - Ministry of the Environment for making this event possible.
And thanks for the heroes from New Son Bijou, New Dino Diving centers, Easy Divers academy El Gouna, Aquarius and Bsac for dedicating time and effort in protecting the beloved Red Sea! 
Jun 20
A great second day for the Red Sea dive clean-up in Hurghada! 
The spirits were high today, it was a triple power!!!
While the great divers cleaned underwater, other heroes and heroines cleaned the sea surface and the shore!!
We are part of the environment and working together to protect it is everyone’s responsibility! 
Thanks to all the participants for your great efforts
Aquarius Hurghada, EasyDiversAcademy El Gouna, New Dino Diving Centre Hurghada Red Sea Egypt and New Son Bijou Diving Center
And a big thank you to everyone who made this event possible!!
Live green, Hepca, Red Sea Protected Areas and وزارة البيئة - Ministry of Environment
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Jun 22
Third day at the Marine Sports Club! The sea takes care of us and we are returning the favor! 
Today the great divers brought the waste to the shore where it got collected and removed by the help of the participants supporting from the shore.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this great day:
@Elsamaka diving center. Diving in Hurghada
New Son Bijou Diving Center
Aquarius Hurghada
Marine Sports Club Hurghada
Crazy Dolphin Aqua and Diving Center
Al-Watan newspaper coverage of today's campaign in Marine Sports Club and an interview with Mostafa Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Diving Tourism Chamber and Maritime Activities in Hurghada
Jun 23 - Day 4
Today’s outcome was really great, thanks to all the participants for their dedication and care for the beloved Red Sea! 
New Son Bijou Diving Center
Aquarius Hurghada
Elsamaka diving center. Diving in Hurghada
Marine Sports Club Hurghada
Next stop after tomorrow, Safaga!
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Jun 25
Red Sea Dive Clean-up! Safaga Day 5!
Today we are at Aluminum Marina, Safaga!!
Such clean-ups aim to help protect marine life, promote waste reduction, and spread awareness of the importance of the cause.
Thanks to everyone that participated today, you are real heroes!!
DUNE Red Sea
United Divers
New SON BIJOU Diving Center (Red Sea, HURGHADA, Egypt)
Jun 26 -Second day at Aluminum Marina, Safaga!
Our members and divers are on fire!! Driven by the love of the Red Sea and the marine life they are not only cleaning underwater but also cleaning the shore!
Thank you, amazing people!
DUNE Red Sea
New SON BIJOU Diving Center (Red Sea, HURGHADA, Egypt)
Barakuda Diving Center Safaga Ägypten

Jun 27
Taba Dive Clean-up!
Yesterday, Taba joined the list of the Red Sea cities to celebrate the world oceans day with a dive clean-up, thanks to Aquatic World - Taba Diving and Watersports Platform for your participation and efforts 
And the best way to say thank you was by this magnificent Whale Shark that passed by to show appreciation, check the video:
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