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   Grand Opening of Arena at ALDAU Art Promenade took place on the 7 th of June with a great street festival with exciting shows and live music performancesalong the promenade and a gala concert at the Arena.
  The well- known singing duo of Rennalls and Kovács performed the hits of Mr. President at the brand-new venue of ALDAU International Conference Center in Hurghada, The "Coco Jambo" hit of the singer, Mr. President, is a German Euro-dance project best known for the reggae fusion-inspired box-office success. "Coco Jambo" was released in 1996 and instantly became a crossover hit worldwide. The group is also famous in Europe for the dance hits "Up'n Away", "I'll Follow the Sun", "I Give You My Heart", "4 on the Floor", "Jojo Action" and the hit albums Up'n Away and We See The Same Sun. 
   Everybody enjoyed epic moods and an optic extravaganza with colorful, stunning laser shows at the Arena on ALDAU Art Promenade. Now.Hurghada has a new special location for a massive events
and festivals! Stay tuned for the next event!
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