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AlDau Promenade
   It was such a unique, interesting and delightful well organized event in Hurghada where international and local professional artists were involved with paining in front of all guests during 4 days. Kids and adults had a chance to see how amazing pictures appear in front of their eyes; they also had a great fun from interactive program on ALDAU Art Promenade!
   The closing ceremony for Art Carnival took place @ ALDAU International Conference Center with the presence of the governor of the Red Sea, General Major, Ahmed Abdullah who handed certificates of appreciation to all participators. Everybody could enjoy the gallery of wonderful paintings from artists of Art Promenade festival.
   Get ready to the next festive magical moments at ALDAU Art Promenade, bring your loved ones and
your camera and be there for lots of fun and live shows on Friday, August 9 th at 7:30 pm.
AlDau Promenade 2
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