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The action artist D-Rolf Becker, also known as the German Mr. Bean, visited the Red Sea in January 2018, together with his wife and photographer Margret. D-Rolf became famous through his activities in promoting political and humanitarian goals.
The trade-marks of the engineer for machinery construction are his “Hurdy-Gurdy” (street organ) and the “Trabi”, the most famous and beloved car of the DDR. Nearly 4 Million Trabants have been produced from 1957 to 1990, without significant changes of the design. Today this car is high in course with old-timer collectors.
Amazing how D-Rolf managed to travel with 26 horsepower through all the continents. He even reached the finishing line of the Paris-Dakar Rally, with both (!) of the Trabis he had on the start.
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His unique approach resulted in 12 entries in the Guinness Book of Records and opened the doors to countless supportive and famous people, such as US-President Jimmy Carter, Michail Gorbatschow, James Baker, Henry Kissinger and Hans-Dietrich Genscher. D-Rolf collected significant amounts for charity to support those in need all around the world.
D-Rolf and Margret visited the Red Sea to work on a promotional article for the German PT Magazine to promote Egyptian tourism (Click here to read the article).
The couple spent a week between Hurghada and Safaga, and returned with positive feelings about Egypt, its history, people and outstanding services of the hotel industry. Red Sea Bulletin  published this article in issue March / April 2018.
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Red Sea Bulletin had the chance to spend an interesting time with the charming couple at Nasaya Restaurant. CEO of Sunrise Hotels & Cruises, Philippe De Vizkaya, invited for an amazing dinner, in which possible promotional activities for the ITB 2018 were discussed.
Always on top of the scene, D-Rolf took part in the shooting of the American-Swedish crime thriller “The Girl in the Spider's Web” this February, and will support Red Sea Bulletin during the ITB 2018.
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Photos: Margrit B. Krueger, Archiv D-Rolf
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