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Al Quseir
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Al Quseir is one of the Egyptian gateways and one of the oldest cities on the western coast of the Red Sea. In the past it was known by various names such as Thagho in the pharaohs period, Licos Limen (the white port) in the Ptolemaic period and Portus Albus in the Roman period. In the Islamic period it was given the name Al Quseir which means small palace or fortress.

Located between Hurghada and Marsa Alam, Al Quseir used to be an important port. Many people traveled from there to the land of Punt to buy ivory, leather and incense.

During the Ottoman and the Islamic periods, Egyptians and Muslims from North Africa traveled from Quseir as pilgrims to Mecca. It was also the only port importing coffee from Yemen. During the French occupation of Egypt, Quseir was the arrival point for Arabs and Muslims from Hegaz coming to fight beside the Mamalic against the french army.

The two most important sites to visit in Quseir are the fort and the water reservoir. The water reservoir was Quseir's only source of drinking water 100 years ago.

Al Quseir Al Kadima is another important site to , it was the old Roman port where hundreds of amphora and old pottery artifacts were found, even the police station is an historical site.

There are now many bazaars as well as cafes, coffe shops and restaurants offering great sea food.

You will find many places to visit including 300 year old buildings, the Ottoman fort and the old mosques such as Al Farran, Al Qenawi and Al Senousi.

Al Quseir is a great place for diving, with miles and miles of reef, colourful fish and untouched corals, most hotels have dive centers and you can even find diving centers down town.

A great thing to do in Quseir are the Safaris, either by quad bike or jeep, you can go for a trip in the desert and visit a Bedouin village, enjoy riding camels and watch Bedouin folklore.


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