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The Red Sea Bulletin had a great opportunity to be able to ask the new manager at Little Buddha (Hurghada) Mark Power a few questions about his work, life experiences and passions.


We asked Mark where he originated from and grew up?

Mark told us that he was born in Streatham, London but grew up on the south coast of England in a seaside town called Eastbourne.   Always having a passion for music one of the first singles he purchased was “Suzi Quatro – Devil Gate Drive”.


We asked Mark how long he had lived in Egypt?

Mark explained that he had been working as the manager of the Latex Club in Cairo for the last year but had been headhunted for his current position with Little Buddha, however Mark has visited Egypt on many other occasions taking up 6 month contracts since 1983 where he worked as the resident DJ in Jackie’s, Nile Hilton and in 1987 at the Papillion Club based in the Mövenpick Hotel, Heliopolis, Cairo.   Mark has travelled the world as a DJ and has managed famous nightclubs in Dubai such as Atlantis and Savage Garden.


What are the best bits about your job and the things you would most like to make changes to?

Mark expressed that he was delighted to be here working at Little Buddha in Hurghada and that he felt that being given the responsibility and having the confidence of his employer to make changes was the most positive aspect of his role as Manager.   Mark felt quite strongly that the local community had the  opinion that Little Buddha was expensive, but Mark had taken time to do his own market research and found that Little Buddha’s prices were competitive.   He would like to entice people come to Little Buddha for a great night out.  Mark is a very hands on Manager and still likes nothing better than playing some house music to the guests and mentoring his employees.


What do you like to do in your spare time and do you have any hobbies?

Although Mark is extremely busy in his new role, he likes nothing better than taking a trip to the island of Mahmaya with some friends, refreshments and some chill -out Buddha Bar music.  Mark is a Microsoft Professional and likes nothing better than building complex graphic game boxes.


Out of all the famous people you have met, who did you admire the most and why?

Mark told us that he had met many famous people throughout his career but the celebrities he admired the most were the ones that keep their feet solidly on the ground and that did not let fame change them, like Tony Hadley from the legendary band Spandau Ballet and the Pop singer Peter André who is married to the model/actress Jordon.


Are there any special events coming up that you can tell us about?

There is always some special event planned at Little Buddha, and Mark told us that they would be hosting for the summer month of June a top line-up of International DJ’s. 


How did they get the giant Buddha statue through the doors at Little Buddha?

Apparently Mark explained “the giant Buddha statue had actually been placed in situ first and the construction of the building had been completed around the statue itself”.


The Red Sea Bulletin would like to thank Mark for his time and welcomes him to Hurghada.


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