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Eastern Arabian DesertSponsored

Sheikh Ibrahim Main


Exclusive Discovery, Adventure and Cultural Safaris to the Egyptian Arabian Eastern Desert

All excursions are planned and organized by Sheikh Ibrahim Ibn Abdallah (Swiss citizen Pierre André Jean), a scientific explorer of the Eastern Arabian Desert, in co-opertaion with Sheikh Abdel Zaher, the oldest sheikh of the Khushma‘an Bedouin tribe. The Khushma'ans live in the area since 1790, and have the usage rights for a territory of 22,000 square kilometers between the Red Sea and the Nile.

Articles published:

Safari to Mons Porphyrites – Djebel Dukhan

From Magdeburg to the Porphyry Mountains

Hiking Trip to the Porphyry Mountains

Coptic heritage at Djebel Qattar

El Malahha Oasis

The Red Sea Governor and the Minister of Antiquities visit the base camp for Sheikh Ibrahim's safaris

Red Imperial Porphyry (Porfido rosso antico) - "der" imperiale (rote) Porphyr aus den Steinbrüchen der Mons Porphyrites, Gebel Dokhan, in der Ostwüste von Ägypten. (Joachim Lorenz, Karlstein a. Main)


Location of the base camp for the safaris:


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