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749 Shark

Viewing of Whale Sharks in Hurghada

Hurghada becomes richer in marine life!
Perhaps due to a significant reduction in the load on the marine ecosystem because of reduced tourism the Red Sea is recovering. There is a remarkable recovery of coral reefs, and rare animals for the Red Sea and Hurghada are viewed more often.
On July 26 fishermen reported to the governor's office that watched a huge shark. After verification it was found that it was a whale shark, are rare appearance Red Sea. Please note that whale sharks are in general safe for humans!

Divers reported and filmed Whale Sharks already before this official report of fishermen. Here a beautiful  video taken 3 weels before the report:

Whale Shark in Hurghada video from 6th of July 2016

More about Whale Sharks:

Whale Shark (Bern Kledt, published on in April 2009)


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