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Surely at some point it is every divers desire to meet the king of the seas, to see him while diving and watch his elegant swimming motions or to just have the pure experience of being in the water with him. Those who have had this experience inevitably rave about it.

We are talking about the king of the seas: the shark.
There are in fact many types of species of shark in the Red Sea. However, this does not necessarily mean that sharks are constantly being sighted. Regrettably, worldwide overfishing and hunting for sharks has not exactly helped with the preservation of the species. And this has happened, although it is well known that sharks are an indispensable, intrinsic, and important constituent of the marine ecosystem.

Sharks in the Red Sea can grow up to 4 metres. They live in shallow waters as well as deeper down and are, except for a few species, harmless and therefore no danger to humans. This means that they feed on fish! If divers and snorkellers follow the ships guides’ instructions, there is nothing at all to get in the way of their “shark experience”.

“We found them to be shy and yet somewhat curious”, or “They usually keep their distance, while being very cautious” to quote some divers’ first impressions. This puts the shark worlds away from the killer-image presented by Hollywood. Those lucky enough to have experienced sharks underwater and have observed them while diving will certainly be able to confirm this.

Sharks are the kings of the seas – elegant, majestic swimmers – nevertheless, the hunters are being hunted.

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