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899 Red Sea Diving Safari 1

The renowned Swiss diving tour operator WeDive Travel AG ranked Red Sea Diving Safari in the 10 most exciting budget diving accommodations worldwide. Beside resorts from Australia, the Maldives, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Bali, Thailand, South-Sulawesi and Romblon the Egyptian Red Sea Diving Safari with its 3 Eco-Diving villages (Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami) made it to the top. 
899 Red Sea Diving Safari 2

The southern Red Sea
and Red Sea Diving Safari are a real paradise for divers!

Every day there are special surprises! With a little bit of luck you can see dolphins, sharks (even baby sharks in the house reef), whale sharks, dugongs, turtles, eagle rays and many other wonderful creatures.

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899 Red Sea Diving Safari 3
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