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726 Sabirova

As the first dancing school in Hurghada, a lot of children made their first dancing steps here at Sabirova Dance School. Several students have even chosen dance as their professional career! On the 25th of March, students of Sabirova Dance School took an active part at the United Gala Concert of Russian artistic Studios of Egypt. Subsequently on the 8th of April at Sindbad Club, all the group levels of Sabirova Dance School took part in the Spring Show. As usual the public was thrilled by the progressive skill of all participants and the unique talent of the soloists. Great appreciation and huge applaud was expressed for the new compositions. The most outstanding was the Arabian Duet from the Ballet of Tchaikovsky “The Nutckacker” & the Modern Dance. Though, the youngest artist’s performances were extremely exciting. Special thanks goes to all the teachers for their huge efforts and warm hearts they put in their work with the students to help them to realize their talents, develop their skills and achieve certain levels of art. Big thanks as well for our highly qualified international consultants Monique Janotta, Vladimir Karakulev, Sergei Bagrov for their help and advises! Wish a lot of success to all and await newperformances!


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