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Ahmed Omar, professional Egyptian freestyle rider “EGY 23”, prepares for the 2016 season. His sponsors Element Watersports in El Gouna, F2, one of the leading brands in the boardsport business, as well as Maui Ultra Fins (since 2015 all F2 boards are equipped with Maui’s high tech fins)  support the ambitions of Ahmed who is the only Egyptian ever having received a wildcard for the PWA Tour.       

Ahmed and his partners opened the Wind Love Windsurf and Kitesurf Center at Palm Beach Resort end of 2015, where he trains on the latest moves to compete with the world’s top riders in International competitions. He teaches, as well,  advanced windsurfer enthusiasts in this ever developing sport.

Jumps in 2016 are higher than before and tricks are very often a combination of moves of the older schools. If you love windsurfing don’t miss the chance to take some lessons to upgrade to the latest free style school.               

Sponsors: If you are interested to support and join the success of Egypt’s best freestyle rider to promote your company or product on national and international level please get in contact with Ahmed till end of February. The PWA Tour starts at the end of March.        

Mobile: +2 0111 099 9952


Facebook:  Ahmed Omar EGY 23

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