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 619 blue steel

A Journey of Imke Krohn (50) and Heinz Mohns (70)

Imke began sailing 20 years ago. Previously, for many years she worked on sailing yachts as a chef. The first boat she bought was a 27 foot (8.2 m) Albin Vega, harbored in Cuxhaven, Germany, from where the North Sea and the lovely channels of the Elbe can be reached. It was December 1999 when she and a friend were hit by the travel bug and sailed down the coast on their 2 boats to the Côte d'Azur. There she sold the Albin Vega, and decided for a boat she still has today, a 32 foot Hierro, with a 6mm steel hull, teak deck and a classic rig; there are no motor winches, the main sail even has no winch at all! Sailing like in the old times! Imke is in love with her boat and it has become her home for the last 15 years. She says she will never sell it. The next 2 years brought her to Corsica, Sardinia and to the Greek Island, Lefkas, where she worked for a year together with the government in animal protection, taking care of feral dogs.
The 2 sailors spent summer 2004 at the Cyclades and left Greece on the Blue Steel for the Red Sea in October. Temperatures of -8⁰ Celsius and wind force 10 over 2 days and nights reached the limit of the boat and crew. Finally they reached Port Said without any serious damage. They sailed down the Gulf of Suez, stopping at El Gouna. Her sailing partner left for Europe again, but Imke stayed until 2006 in Abu Tig Marina; she loved spending time there, and did a lot of underwater photography. Because of construction work in Abu Tig Marina she left for Hurghada Marina, where the boat has stayed since then. During 8 years in Hurghada, she again followed her love of animals; her boat became an animal home where she took care of about 7 dogs and 5 cats.
Now she feels it is time to leave. During her last visit in Germany she posted a classified that she was looking for a companion to sail to Madagascar, her dream destination, and found Heinz Mohns, an experienced captain from a family working in the sea for 12 generations. Heinz has been a seafarer for 45 years. He gained his first experience at the German Federal Navy, worked as captain on container ships, and in the Red Sea during the oil crisis from 1973 until the early 80s. After retiring at age 65, he had the chance to work for 1 year for the royal family of the Netherlands as captain on the 28m “EEMS 1”, a charity project for disabled and elderly people.
During the last months, Imke and Heinz spent time and money to get the boat fit for the long way to Madagascar, and plan to set sail in May. Like the years before, they will take it easy. Imke and Heinz will slowly sail down the Egyptian coast, and will enjoy the beautiful reefs and bays of the Red Sea. They will leave Egypt only when they will find the passage through the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean safe enough. Good luck to the two sailors. We will watch them closely!

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