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Today, it is possible to learn the basics of Belly Dance anywhere around the world. Though  perfection can only be found in the mother land of oriental dance – Egypt! The dancers from around the world dream to unlock the secret of Arabic tenderness and softness as well as the effervescent sensuality. Sabirova Dance School is the place to learn the art of belly dancing.

The dance school instructor, Tatia Dandarawy, is an experienced belly dancer; artist, choreographer and VIP judge in numerous international competitions.

She participated in the most famous Egyptian festivals “Akhan Wa Sakhlan," "Nile Group," International German Belly Dance Festival, International Russian Belly Dance Festivals "Aida Nights," "Magic of East," – to just name a few.

Tatia comments: "The guests of our school are the belly dancers from all around the world. It`s a pleasure to share the experience and teach them the special Egyptian manner of dance. The experience, itself, is so sensitive and emotional and at the same time full of special techniques and accents. Nowadays when we create a new style of oriental dance, w it is in accordance with the music. At the same time we respect the roots of the dance that is why we are giving the lessons in all the styles of Egyptian Dance: Classic, Baladi, Shaabi, Saidi, Gawazi, Khaliji, Lyric Modern, Skandarani, Shawl and many others".

You are welcome to learn the Egyptian culture with us through the art of belly dancing, the oldest dance in the world!”


Belly Dance Classes:

Monday - Wednesday 15:00

Thursday 21:00

Friday 20:00

Mobile: +2 0122 37 32 636

Children Classes:

Ballet, Modern Jazz, Acrobatics,

Introduction, Hip Hop


Wednesday, Saturday

Adult Classes:

Shaping, Yoga, Chi-gong, Belly Dance,

Ballet, Modern Dance, Zumba

Kotta’s West Side Mall

opposite the Marlin Inn - 3rd floor

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