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 Swim Fitness for Teens & Adults

Spring into action now and get in training with FREDS SWIM ACADEMY:

Feel good

Relax in the water

Enhance your energy level

Define your individual training goals

Swim and challenge yourself with skills

FREDS Personal Swim Trainer offers different ways to beat your fear of water, to improve your 

technique; along with learning new strokes. 

All of this can be achieved easily while enjoying the water. 

Don't loose this opportunity, book your Personal SWIM Trainer exclusively by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY at Rivoli Pool Lounge, New Kawthar. Rivoli is the place, where ladies with individual goals can meet to enjoy the water in a comfortable atmosphere.


We know how.

In 2015 our professionally trained and certified Swimming Instructors and Personal Swim Trainers teach in following hotels:

 Swim Fitness for Teens & Adults

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