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The great thing about my job is that no two days are the same my morning starts early as soon as the sun is up.  The dogs need to be walked and I usually take them into the desert, I like this quiet time as it allows me to organise my thoughts before the rest of the family wake up.  I check my equipment in the back of the car, load the children and we are on our way.  With the children dropped at school, I head for my first class which is located at the Steigenberger Hotel; this is the Women’s Swim Club.

The Women’s Swim Club is a very popular class as it is relaxing, improves muscle tone, and allows the women time to improve their swimming techniques and styles.  The aim is to maximise your movement through the water using the correct technique therefore improving performance and stamina. 

Back into the car and next on the schedule is the Sunrise Hotel to teach a class of four children, my passion as an Instructor is to see the children constantly improving their swimming styles, confidence and abilities; in the water in a safe controlled environment.  As we all know children can be very unpredictable and this makes these classes all the more challenging for me, techniques which, can be used for one child will not necessarily work for another.  Part of the Freds Academy training is to teach different methods. This class of four children are truly inspirational as they are all at different levels of swimming development. 

Freds Swim Academy promotes and endorses the “Swimtrainer” (innovative pioneering inflatable swimming aid) which positions the child correctly in the water, allowing free movement yet giving the child the confidence and safety in the water.   Fun is really important when dealing with the children and making the whole experience of swimming something that they love to do.  From my perspective the elation I get is when the children come running up to kiss and hug me and when I see great improvement with their swimming and of course the laughter and enjoyment.  I stop to have a chat with the parents and I am congratulated by some of the spectators as the tourists at the hotel seem to get as much enjoyment from the classes as I do.   My role is extremely communal and requires good interpersonal skills to deal with all different types of people, nationalities and cultures. 

With happy waves from the children I am off again to the next class, I am covering the private lesson at a villa for a 3 month old baby.  I arrive and greet the mother and prepare the baby for the pool with a baby neoprene suit, sunscreen and a hat for the sun.  I explain as we go along everything that I am doing and the reasons for it, this helps to reassure the anxious mother. The babies really enjoy these classes.

Well all my classes are finished for the day and so it’s off to collect my children who attend the Freds Swim Club this club is for children who can swim 15 metres using a nice and confident swimming style.  We except children as young as 4 years as long as they meet the criteria, the Swim Club also teach self rescue techniques, and safety in and around water.   Once the child reaches a standard where they can swim 25 metres using the breast stroke they receive a Blue Frog Award.  Levels silver frog and gold frog are all for the breaststroke technique, higher levels green sports frog levels cover the front crawl and back crawl.   As an Instructor I need to relax and so after Swim Club, home and dinner I head out to the local Chorus for Choir practice this is something new that I have recently taken up and I am enjoying it very much.

We currently cover Hurghada and slightly south, as well as El Gouna to the north, we have been established for over 3 years and can proudly boast that we have taught hundreds of child and adults to swim. 

The flexibility of the Swimming Instructors role allows me time for family, relaxation and friends.  We are always looking for individuals who truly wish to make a difference and have fun at Freds Swim Academy and who has a passion for teaching, can work to the highest exacting standards and who are truly a peoples person.


Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Freds Swimming Academy Instructor?

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