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Siteground chosen as the world’s best web hosting (a Joomla website) is hosted by Siteground.
We have chosen siteground, after researching the main hosting companies worldwide, for its speed, up-time, special experience in Joomla and Worldpress hosting (they even host joomla’s company website), the unique security solutions, and for the best customer support of all hosting companies we tested.
Use the banner at the end of this page to reserve your hosting plan, and receive up to your choice one of the following

1. Side banner in the category of your choice for 6 month at the category of your choice (value 1750 LE, approx. 95 USD)
2. Basic advertising package (only if your company is based on the Red Sea mainland) for 1 year (value 1650 LE, approx. 90 USD)
How to claim your benefits from us?
Book your siteground hosting and notify us about your booking at We will contact you and arrange your sponsored link or banner.
Click the banner below to check out sitground's benefits.
IMPORTANT: After having compared to other hosting companies do not forget to book your hosting plan through the banner below and to collect the additional benefits we offer from
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