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"PureAir – Safe Diving": high quality breathing air is the most important element of safe diving equipment. Insufficiently filtered air from the compressor endangers health and perhaps even the diver´s life.

With the PureAir initiative BAUER KOMPRESSOREN supports the diver in selecting a trustworthy filling station. Certification brings diving centers up to the latest-state-of-the art by training courses and modern technology.

PureAir certification guarantees the diver a maximum in safety with respect to breathing air. The exclusive seal of quality is only awarded to companies having BAUER breathing air compressors and who supply this at the highest quality.

BAUER PureAir Stations Must Meet Stringent Criteria:

Certification is made worldwide via an authorized BAUER partner. In this way we are able to ensure that the know-how is passed on and inspected by specially trained experts.

BAUER partners inspect the air quality before awarding certification which is then repeated at twelve monthly intervals. In doing this, they measure the water content and the concentrations of oil, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the breathing air according to the stringent standard DIN EN 12021.

Certified PureAir stations must be equipped with the BAUER SECURUS system. The filter monitoring system avoids delays and incorrect exchanges of filter cartridges thus eliminating frequent sources of contaminated air.

Owing to these measures, the BAUER PureAir Certificate creates more safety for divers and installation providers. The use of latest-state-of-the-art equipment and original accessories coupled with the continuous monitoring and maintenance of installations produce a constant high quality level. This is a good feeling – you can breathe a sigh of relief!

We are currently offering 10% discount on all units we have in stock in Hurghada from the 15th Aug for 4 weeks only.

For more information on the Bauer Pure Air Certification please contact: Alexander Abbas – Service Manager on Tel: 065 355 27 47


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