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The images above are all too reminiscent of the dangers involved when re-using sealed aluminium compressor filters.

Bauer Kompressoren are fully committed to informing the dive operators of the risks and hazards involved when re-using sealed filter cartridges, non branded molecular compounds and other non-branded compressor components found readily available here in Egypt.

The reality is that by using non-branded products, you believe you are saving money; this is a myth and false economy.

Did you know?

·         By using genuine Bauer products your compressors will require less operating time.

·         Regular servicing will save you money and reduce your overall servicing costs.


Save money with Cold Calculation

In addition by adding the “Air- Kool” unit to your compressor, the life of your filter cartridge is increased up to six hundred percent.

Egypt is classed as the tropics so in a compressor room operating at or above 35 degrees Celsius the average lifetime of the Bauer filter cartridge (example with a BAUER K 15.1/ P41 Filter with 450 l/min) is 19 hours without the Bauer “Air -Kool” system.  If you then introduce the Bauer “Air - Kool” system the filter cartridge life is extended to 112 operating hours.  The Bauer “Air - Kool” unit pays for itself within a very short space of time and can be fitted as an aftermarket add-on to existing owners of Bauer compressor systems as well as an optional feature on new units or compressors of other brands.

For further information or assistance please call BAUER Office Tel: 065-3552747

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