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849 How to buy property in Hurghada

  • First of all make some deep thoughts about your needs, wishes and expectations and of course your budget.
  • Most important: choose a trusted and experienced consultant/agency:
    • Review the experience (how long they are in the market)
    • Review the reputation of your chosen consultant!
    • A good consultant will serve you with all information and documents -even it is one you don't have on your mind- to make sure that you review all details which is needed to make the right decision.
    • A good consultant will first listen carefully for you and ask key questions, then he begins to collect the necessary material and prepare a selection of properties that matches your needs.
    • The consultant should serve you with a selection of properties which are checked legal-wise, quality-wise and the market-situation with regards to the budget.
    • Most important note: Never let anyone to push you to make payments or decisions (a reputable agent will never do this.)
  • Review all documents of the chosen property with one or even two trusted lawyers.
  • Let your proven consultant lead you through the full process.

FAQ English

* Does a foreigner have the right to own a property in Egypt and will it be officially registered by the Egyptian government?

* What is a Green Contract?

* Does a foreigner have to pay yearly tax after buying property in Egypt?

* In which cases can a foreigner get a residence permit after owning a property in Egypt?

To answer these question or if you have any other question regarding the legal papers you can contact our legal department which is recognized by the embassy of Germany and Switzerland in Egypt.

Sunshine Dreams Touristic Investment Ltd. and every single member of our high-qualified and knowledgeable team is ready to serve you with the service you deserve.

If you are interested in a non-binding consultation, feel free to contact;

+20 102 2542 900

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