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835 Why to Buy a Property in Hurghada


It is proven that the major increase in the Egyptian real estate market in general has made buying in Hurghada a good opportunity to invest your money. Not only can you benefit by purchasing a second holiday home where you can enjoy the beauty of the red sea and its sunny weather all year round but secure an additional income with renting. Hurghada is a touristic city and apartments are always in high demand. There is no better investment than in Egypt.

Close to Europe

Its strategic location and only a 4 hours flight from Europe makes it an easy to go destination for all Europeans who are searching for a short holiday at an affordable price. The standard of living makes it an ideal choice for retirees who are looking for relaxation and sunny weather all year round.

The amazing Red Sea and its weather

Hurghada is well known with its spectacular sea and its varied water activities from snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, and boat trips as well as  desert trips which makes it a great destination to enjoy your holiday alone or with your family or friends. Additionally, the cost of living makes it very attractive for Europeans to visit multiple times throughout the year on a limited budget. Escaping the winter and its cold weather is another plus to holiday in the Red Sea.

Why Sunshine Dreams

With more than 350 partner agents around the world, our service never ends with the sale. Sunshine provides many services to include furniture consulting, apartment rentals, legal services,  re-selling and much more.

FAQ English

* Does a foreigner have the right to own a property in Egypt and will it be officially registered by the Egyptian government?

* What is a Green Contract?

* Does a foreigner have to pay yearly tax after buying property in Egypt?

* In which cases can a foreigner get a residence permit after owning a property in Egypt?

To answer these question or if you have any other question regarding the legal papers you can contact our legal department which is recognized by the embassy of Germany and Switzerland in Egypt.

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