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Love, Life, Happiness

Most people and families in our time can’t keep their happiness for their whole life long. Why?

Assertion of own interests, raising a requirement to other members of the family to satisfy only your own model of behavior means to suppress their own free will. There from: regular offences, insults reproaches and claims coming!  It leads to solitude and estrangement inside the family. It is the way to nowhere…

It is very important to understand it and to change your own mental setting in time.  Altruistic

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donation, forgiveness and love bring much more gladness and satisfaction to your soul, than regular displeasure and requirement of attention to yourself.

Marriages, most of the time, reveal your own features, good and bad, which you are supposed to correct and accept. The most important thing for solving family problems – the ability to recognize in your partner your own reflection, which compliments your personal mental sets. As soon as you reconcile with all negatives (your partner has) – it will disappear! (Or the partner will vanish from your life!)

No one ever manages to rehabilitate their partner with their own commentary and rebukes! But deep and sincere forgiveness with acceptances of the personality as he/she has, along with changing your attitude towards certain points, will bring you nice feelings of self-freedom. Nobody owes anybody! Why should pride, self-esteem and ambitions take over the LOVE? It is better to take out the self-esteem from your heart and from your aura! Every person is unique;

everyone has rights for his own thoughts and actions. To understand and to feel gladness from having such partner, family, relatives (as they are with all their pluses and minuses…) to forgive all negatives and concentrate on positives everybody has! Harmony inside yourself, with family and all Universe will bring you into perfect bliss in the seventh heaven! 

Be able to protect your happiness from different kind of defeats. It is also an important point in our days.

When true love exists between man and women – the equitable energetic exchange will circulate between them. He disposes her Happiness, she gives him Happiness - it is – a Wonder. Mutual love created a rosy cloud of reciprocal aura around them. This confluence of energy strengthens and reinforces one another.

What is Love? It is endless power multiplication for both! The energy of two persons forms mutual circulation of energy by connecting all energetic canals from both in one powerful stream and rotation.  One person – is one unit of energy. Two persons together – it is more than 2 units; it is at least 7 or more units of energy! And if there is 3 persons – it is 7 in second rates, if 4 persons – it is 7 in third rates!!!  Can you imagine a family with 4 persons who adore each other! So much love in between them! It is such an unbreakable castle! Endless love is healing, curative, protective to everyone and reinforces the general power!

Understanding, patience and love – are three wales family

based on! To realize it means - to get Award with Happiness!

Keep your Love & Happiness lifelong!!!

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