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There is one common denominator beginning to take a more prominent role in the field of education; whether a child attends government, private or home school: the active involvement of parents in the educational system. Parental involvement in education can take on many forms and occurs at varying levels.

The author of this poem Dorothy Louise Law Nolte’s would have been 86 years old this year. A trained family counselor , who also founded a kindergarten, taught parenting and childbirth classes, and was a published writer, Law in the mid-1950s wrote a poem, “Children Learn What They Live, ” as a submission for her family-matters column in California’s The Torrance Herald.

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are probably the most multi-cultural cities in Egypt. Not only are there intermarriages between Egyptians and other nationalities, but there is a growing trend of intermarriages between foreigners of different ethnic groups.  The offspring of these different nationalities are most often exposed to 2 or more languages from the time they are born.

PregnancyDid you know that your child begins communicating while still in the wamb?

In the global society in which we exist, one can open any newspaper on a given day and find one

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