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Sahl Hasheesh


Sahl Hasheesh (means 'Plain of Grass' in Arabic or ‘Green Valley’) is located 20 km south of Hurghada, a purpose-built paradise on the Red Sea Riviera.

Built according to the highest international design standards, the year-round resort features world-class accommodation and amenities, including over 1,500 currently operational hotel rooms and several residential communities, targeting both tourists and first and second-homeowners. The overall land area is to be developed in phases, on the basis of an original master plan and design intent which is to create distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique character and theme.

Sahl Hasheesh boasts no less than 12.5 km of commanding sandy beach front.

Surrounded by the amazing Red Sea Mountains from the west and the infinite crystal clear waters of the Red Sea from the east, the resort covers a total area of 41 km2, 4100 hectares.

Walk through the elegant neighborhood alleys of this modern resort town, which are kept immaculate and green thanks to the efforts of an army of gardeners and workers. Stroll down on the wooden pier to the beautiful sandy white beach, where comfortable sun loungers and beach huts await you.

Dive or snorkel in the amazing ruins of the Sunken City, surrender yourself to the relieving hands of spa professionals, and after the sun goes down enjoy the various entertainment programs at your resort.

Divers, watersport lovers and sun worshippers love its clear waters, pristine beaches and marvelous coral reefs. It is convenient for day trips to Luxor, Nile cruises, trekking in the Eastern Desert and visits to the Roman site of Mons Claudianus.

The Sahl Hasheesh International Resort Community is a booming fully integrated and luxurious resort on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast.

Soma Bay

Golf, Luxury and Sun

Soma Bay is an exclusive holiday resort peninsula on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. In addition to its variety of diverse luxury hotels, residential developments, and stylish Marina, it is home to a world-famous spa and golf course and coveted dive and kite spots.

Just a four-hour flight from Central Europe, the year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches, blue skies and refreshing sea waters of Soma Bay are just within reach.

Soma Bay is the Red Sea’s most peaceful and luxurious holiday destination, celebrating the beauty and relaxation of the sea.

Discover the mystery that is Soma Bay…

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