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We have been discussing in the last 3 issues different aspects of follow up for our babies and today we shall conclude this discussion by mentioning a few other points.

In the process of growth for our babies, they develop their teeth gradually and during this period they should be supplemented with calcium, vitamin D and fluoride. In addition their teeth should be assessed and checked regularly. Each child should have a Dentist who has a complete record of his teeth development and any dental problems occurring during his different stages of growth. A good and competent knowledge at the dental and pediatric clinics helps to develop the teeth in a proper way bearing in mind the proper nutrition of the child as advised by both the dentist and pediatrician. Checking the teeth and treating their problems as soon as possible helps a lot in protection of the teeth for our children future life.


Psychological aspect is an extremely important issue that should be looked at as important as any other issue and bearing in mind the different effects of life like a second child or moving from one country to the other or even moving a child from one nursery or school to the other should be observed closely in your children as they can be so sensitive to these changes. Any abnormal behavior should be closely observed and if needed proper medical guidance should be sought for early detection, which helps in raising our children in a normal proper atmosphere. It should be mentioned here that talking freely with your pediatrician helps in early detection of these problems which accordingly can be dealt with through a trained child psychiatrist helping in solving most of the common problems. Late detection or even covering for these problems, on the other hand may even lead to severe consequences for the child’s future. Again a proper correlation between the psychiatrist and the pediatrician is an essential issue to maintain healthy psychological and to develop an intellectual child.


Vision and hearing assessment are two very important issues that should be taken into consideration and it is done in simple measures in the pediatric clinic but regular check up and correction of any probable defects should be done in the specialist clinics accordingly. Early detection of any of these problems helps a lot in the performance of our children in their nurseries and schools and in many children with low performance in schools, it has been observed how quickly they improved after treating these problems.


Sports, as well are an important aspect that should be appreciated by the parents and followed up as well as other points. Several types of sports are preferred for the young age amongst which is the swimming the most acceptable one. In fact it is the earliest sport you can introduce to the baby as early as 3 months of age. Special attention should be given to the technique of handling the infant’s muscles and this should be done with professional teachers who are specialized in dealing with infants and children. In fact swimming will be the base that any parent can build up his baby for any future sports.


Always remember that follow up and care for our babies needs a little help to ensure a successful future healthy young generation that we always can be proud of.








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