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CEO of Egypt In-Touch Discusses Medical Tourism Development and the Challenges of Medical Assistance in Egypt
Egypt In Touch, a Medical and Travel Assistance company in Egypt with more than ten years of experience. The company is one of the leading assistance companies in the MENA region with air, roadside, repatriation, and even legal assistance services. Their CEO, Dr Rimon Farouk shares their company’s experiences and challenges in establishing the company in Egypt, developing assistance services in the region as well as promising medical tourism growth in the country.
 Learn more in his full interview below.
Q: Can you give us a brief description of your Egypt In Touch?
A: Egypt In-Touch Assistance Company (EIA) is a leading assistance company in Egypt founded in 2007. EIA is the first ISO certified assistance company in Egypt from UKAS and SGS.
EIA has extensive experience in travel medical and non- medical fields for more than 20 years. Our company provides support with a variety of administrative and outdoor services. We are associated with the best healthcare facilities across Egypt. Recently, we have made our way in roadside assistance and medical tourism.
Q: What kind of offers do you have for International Health Insurance companies?
A: We can create solutions to meet each company requirements; you can say that we specialise in tailor-made solutions with a local presence that enables us to monitor the market needs.
Generally, we proficiently provide all medical, technical and lifestyle assistance services plus fraud investigation, cost containment and TPA administration.
Q: Can you tell us about your current services?
A: We have offices that enable us to work 24/7; we have a multilingual call centre department (English, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, French and Polish), claims handling department, accounting department, network assessment, quality control unit and our own medical staff.
Our company also has top of the line HR, IT, quality assurance, and business development departments.
All our staff are not only well trained but also talented in problem solving and innovation which enrich our service portfolio and above all has a spirit of responsibility and this the most important to me.
Q: In your experience, what kind of assistance services is the most challenging to manage?
A: I guess road side assistance, because the substructure for roadside assistance is not a well-developed field in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.
To arrange prompt roadside presence is very challenging especially in a densely populated city such as Cairo.
Q: What can we expect from Egypt In Touch as well as the Air Ambulance and Assistance Service industry in the future?
A: We believe that Egypt has the potential to be placed on the map of international medical tourism.
There is a very promising future for the medical tourism in Egypt. Recently we have participated in the international medical tourism conference that was held at Sharm El Sheikh in 23-25 March 2017.
Recent medical visits to Egypt were mostly generated from neighbouring countries such as Libya, Sudan and Yemen but now, we are targeting more destinations as Egypt in touch assistance grows and develops.
Air ambulance services are still very limited in Egypt. We expect that more private companies will start offering this service in the near future to accommodate the increasing demands.
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