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Al Nour Eye Hospital was founded by Professor Dr. Ali Al Mufty. It is one of the best equipped eye hospitals in Cairo with 4 operating rooms and 9 outpatient clinics.  Of the 100 consultants attending at the hospital, most of them are Professors managing to achieve a staggering 40-50 eye surgeries per day. Al Nour Eye Hospital offers high quality service for reasonable prices.


Unfortunately there are many extremely poor areas in Egypt, surprisingly even in cities being famous for tourism, where one would expect that the tourism brings wealth to the area, such as Al Quseir, one of the historical towns on the Red Sea.  The fact is that poverty is very high in this city: either you have the money for an operation or you are blind!  Thank god the inhabitants are not left alone. RESALA association in co-operation with Al Nour Eye Hospital put their hands together and organize four times a year the so called “Eye Convoys” and provide completely free examinations and surgeries on the spot. In co-operation with local hospitals examination and operating facilities are set up, like this time from the 15th to the 19th of January 2009. It was already their 2nd visit to Al Quseir.


The convoy came well prepared and organized with 6 Ophthalmologists, 2 Anesthetists, 11 assistant nurses and technicians. They travelled by bus from Cairo, a 10 hour trip. Our respect for these people who chose to leave their comfortable homes on this weekend to travel to this remote area, to work for free for 3 days, and then return to their work in Cairo. Al Nour Eye Hospital has its own bus packed with modern equipment from microscopes to Phacoemulsification machines for cataract surgery and even provides free medication.


It was amazing to see how many people came to the provisional set up clinic. On the first day 350 patients had been examined, 50 of them needed cataract surgery and there were 20 cases of minor surgery. Friday was the most exhausting day with 35 cataract surgeries scheduled during an 8 hour period of operations. On Saturday 15 operation took place, the doctors attended to the dressings of their patients and provided additional medical advice. Sunday was a day of rest.


Thanks to Radisson SAS Resort El Quseir, who provided 5 Star accommodation and food free of charge, the team had the chance to relax after this strenuous but rewarding work.  Celine Ballereau, Business Coordinator and Montasser Dardeer, Human Resources Senior Supervisor at the hotel, explained that Radisson SAS, belonging to Rezidor Hotel Group with more than 250 hotels, has been running a unique responsibility program since 2001 with three main aspects, health & safety for customers and employees, limiting the impact on the environment, and social & ethical responsibility for the community. We wish that in future more hotels will follow the way of supporting social activities helping the community that exist and live around their establishments, like Flamenco Hotel, who hosted the 1st Eye Convoy one year ago.


Initiator of the Eye Convoy and many other social activities is RESALA Association for charity works, founded  by Professor. Sherif Abdel Azim in 2001 and now has 22 active branches all over Egypt. The association has no political or religious interest, and represents the biggest organization of active Youth in Egypt with about 100,000 members. Beside medical support RESALA invests in providing clean water, electricity and other infrastructure problems; and the latest charity is the financing of the start up of 20 well selected projects all over the country.


Our deepest thanks goes out to all involved, and we are sure that the unselfish acts of all participating will have helped to give new life and sight to all who attended the clinics.


When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us the doors of our souls fly open, and love steps forth to heal everything in sight. Michael Bridge


RESALA Association – Al Quseir

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Badia (President)

Ahmed Tawfik (Financial Controller & Responsible for Health Community)

Mohamed Hamza (Public Relations)

Contact: 012 7394733 Ahmed Tawfik





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