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Life is in many ways so generous, as it gives us lots of pleasures and blessings.  One of those gifts is our children whom we all pray every day that they will be healthy and free from problems.  In fact, most of the human race always has even a minimal problem to suffer from and this is usually either inherited from parents or acquired through different environmental conditions like weather, pollution or some other condition.

Most of us realize and identify most of our problems later in life but it is always better to try and identify it as soon as possible.  Usually, this first and most important step of identification of any problems is performed during and immediately after birth by the neonatologist (doctor for newborns assisting in delivery).  He inspects and fully examines the newborn baby, clarifies the problem to the parents and offers the best protocols to deal with the problem.

Later on in life, identification of any other health problems is discovered either in nurseries by day care givers, in school by teachers or in clubs and sporting activities where the child is more exposed during practising sport.  More often this identification is made at the paediatrician’s clinic in the routine check up visits or the vaccination visits or occasionally during a visit for another aliment.

It is so important that the parents deal with any identified problem seriously, accept it and seek medical help as in many situations parents prefer the denial policy as they never like to believe any sickness may befall their own child.  As the identification of health problems usually occurs in non-medical activities like clubs, schools, day care centres etc.  So the health education and awareness to the personnel working in these different fields is so essential.  Their role in the future health of our children is so important and it is mandatory to stress on the importance of their health education especially in the basic aspects.

During the summer most of the parents care to give the maximum enjoyment to their children on the seashore, with boat trips, camping, travelling abroad or sports and education.  It would be wise as well, to get a chance during the summer months to deal with any previously diagnosed health problems or to perform a general check up including some investigations advised by the paediatrician.  As a matter of fact, it is important if not even more, to give health care during the summer months as we give priority to trips and enjoyment.  In this way, probably all our children will start the autumn and winter months healthy and ready for the new school term.  Any surgical interventions like the removal of tonsils or adenoids or any proper investigations can be performed during the long summer months while we have no stresses of school studies.

Finally I still wish that all the summer will be full of fun, pleasure and enjoyment and hopefully good health.

Dr. Rafeek Ramzy

Pediatrician & Neonatologist

Member of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)


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