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(Published in November/December 2011 Issue of Red Sea Bulletin magazine) 
Here are the 5 reasons to go with dental implants instead of dentures:

1. Permanent. Once the prosthetic tooth is attached to a dental implant, it is permanent. The tooth is almost indistinguishable from a real tooth. It resides in the gum alongside all the other teeth. There is no need to remove the tooth for cleaning or when sleeping. Brushing the implanted tooth will clean it as much as brushing cleans a regular tooth.


2. Comfortable. The constant irritation and discomfort associated with dentures due to the rubbing on the gum and pressing into the cheek and lips is eliminated with dental implants. Unlike dentures, there is no extended discomfort from wearing them for a long time during the day. The feel of a dental implant in the mouth is just like a regular tooth. There is stability and durability and there is no movement.


3. Easier to speak. The protrusion and increased thickness of the dentures over the natural gum, causes an obstruction for the tongue. This presents a challenge for those with dentures to speak clearly. When speaking, the tongue needs to come into contact with a firm surface, especially the front teeth to form specific sounds like an “S” and the bottom lip on the front teeth for an “F”. Other sounds in regular speech are also impacted by the thickness and instability of dentures. Dental implants have the precise shape and size of regular teeth and consequently allow for clear and natural speech.


4. More foods. Due to the instability and the plastic material, hard foods can’t be chewed because dentures lose suction. The kinds of food that can be eaten when wearing dentures become limited to a very soft consistency. Due to their stability, dental implants allow for easier chewing of a wide variety of foods. 


5. Natural look. The implanted tooth is crafted and engineered to precisely resemble a natural tooth. It resides in the gum, not on the gum.


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Created by:
Dr. Ayman Nassef 
Member of Alexandria Organization for Implantation
Hurghada, Sheraton Road, in front of Sea Gull Hotel, above Costa Coffee – 2nd floor
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