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Of course all of us wish that our children would be enjoying all the best in their life but sometimes we can’t stop problems from occurring. Today we are going to discuss together some common situations that some of the parents would have faced or shall face it one day 
What is fever? Simply fever is elevation of the body temperature above its normal level, which is usually 36.5 – 37.3® C. 
It is very common to face this problem with children, maybe it is the most common problem ever you shall experience. There are many causes for fever but it is good to know that most of the causes are simple and benign. Amongst the causes, the most common is the over warming of our children with lots of clothes or extra wrapping of the babies especially in hot temperate regions like Egypt. Also heat stroke and sun stroke are other reasons that we can face frequently especially in the summer months. Sports and over activity and competitive sports can also share in causes. Less commonly, would be infections and inflammations or other conditions.   
So what should I do when I have a child with fever? First, you have to check the temperature with a proper way of checking like a thermometer as lot of cases show flushing and hotness of face and extremities and when checked temperature appears to be normal, this is called factitious fever or false fever. Once you are sure, remove all the overdressing and try to cool the temperature of the place. Giving ample amounts of fluids is also advisable. Get cold compresses and start applying them to the forehead and the division of the arms and legs. Only in extreme cases of resistant high temperature, that you can apply a cold shower to the child but this should be done with caution as it can cause a shock to the child. Water should be started on the body from the lower limbs upwards and not from the head and this should be done for a short while till the temperature is getting better.

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