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Detection of some problems within the children
It seems that it is a common problem in schools that some children would have an achievement less than the expected by their parents or their teachers as well. In this aspect it is of utmost importance that the teacher would try every way to assess the level of achievement and communication with his/her students, especially the newly arriving students. Some of those students might not be able to achieve proper levels of education due to problems in hearing, vision or even speech problems. Suspicion of such problems will be the first step in probably diagnosing serious learning problems which, if properly treated accordingly, will lead to a much better level of education and better future for our children and country.
Some common accidents that are encountered in schools
It is in fact a very sad event to have an accident in school but I think it is an inevitable event from time to time. 
Identifying the type of accidents and how it happens can help in avoiding them to a great extent.
Thereby, we are going to discuss simply some of those common accidents:
  • Falling on the ground and/or hitting a hard object can lead to simple or serious injuries.
  • Sports injuries which can happen in sports activities are also another example.





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