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  • Face injuries, especially eye, teeth, nose and ear injuries are very common, happen easily and also are easily avoid able, but need close observation and attention to the children. The injury might be serious to the extent that it can lead to loss of vision or hearing of the child or even penetration injury to the head.


  • Bone injuries can be encountered especially with boys who like to do excessive effort or play violent activities. Though it is usually easily treated by plaster and cast, it will probably lead to the absence of the child from school for at least two weeks or even more.


  • Accidents with pencils can lead to penetration injuries to the child and can, in rare cases, be life threatening. Accordingly, it is wise to educate the children not to play with pencils, scissors or pencil sharpeners as all of them can lead to injuries or bleeding.


  • Muscle cramps can happen especially following sports activities or on a hot day. 


  • Heat strokes and sun strokes as well can occur especially on hot days when the child is not properly supplied with fluids containing proper amounts of electrolytes.


  • Placing glue or solid objects like marble in the nose, mouth or ear, is also a common problem that can even face the parents at home.


  • Insect bites, which can happen in the playground, should be dealt with very seriously as they can be due to a poisonous insect like scorpions or spiders, or can lead to severe allergic reaction.


  • Convulsions and fainting are an example of other medical emergencies that need proper handling and medical support.


  • Choking and breathlessness are also an example of some medical emergencies that can be encountered.


  • Finally, burns and electric shocks are an example of very rare accidents that can happen in schools.


I wish each and every one of our children a safe and prosperous school year. God bless our children.




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