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In our daily activities, we might encounter some emergencies that can face our children. Today we are going to discuss some of those common accidents:


What if my child falls while walking and hurts themselves?

First, wash and clean the wound thoroughly and flush it with water to avoid any contamination. Apply alcohol or any local antiseptic available to kill any germs adhering to the wound. Next, apply clean, sterile compresses to the wound, whether it is bleeding or not, to avoid further contamination of the injured skin and to avoid any bleeding if it happens.

The second step will depend on whether the falling was in the street or indoors. If it happened indoors, you will not need further intervention unless bleeding persists. If the falling was outdoors, especially in the street, it is always better to consult your physician about whether or not your child needs an injection against tetanus. Also, your physician will check how the wound looks and whether it needs further medication and if the wound looks infected or not.

The third step is to ask yourself, was this falling suddenly without being hit, as in loss of consciousness, or was it due to a car accident or stumbling into something while walking? This will decide to a great extent whether or not you need to rush to a physician or medical facility.

The fourth and last step, is to check the limb that was hit and see whether there is any degree of swelling or disability in need of further medical consultation. Any sudden swelling of the limb or disability to the limb should deserve utmost attention. In this case, the limb should be totally immobilized, preferably on a stretcher and transferred to a hospital.


What if my child has a bleeding nose?

The most important thing, in such cases, is not to panic from the sight of the blood. Get a piece of cotton, soak it in ice water, make a small pack as the size of the bleeding nostril can allow, and slide it inside slowly. Keep it inside the bleeding nostril while pressing hard from outside on the nose and bending the child forward. While doing that, you should ask the child or his companions, whether this bleeding was after a trauma or whether it was spontaneous. This will decide whether or not you need medical advice. The second question will be, is this bleeding happening frequently? If so, you should definitely seek medical advice.


What if my child has any sort of burn?

Your role here is of utmost importance. You should avoid applying any creams or pastes to the burn. Only apply ice or cold compresses and go directly to the nearest hospital.






Dr Rafeek Ramzy Mickail

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