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 Red Sea Bulletin July/August 2014


Among the complications of uncontrolled diabetes are the building of bacterial plaque along the gum line, and the increased risk of oral infections leading to gum disease and tooth bone loss. The combination of dental implants and diabetes is highly risky, simply because a dental implant will fail if the patient’s jawbone cannot grow and fuse with the implanted titanium rod so that it is permanently fixed. Uncontrolled diabetes could prevent adequate bone growth leading to loose implants, which eventually will fall out. Hope for Controlled Diabetics: However, there have also been studies which indicate that implants and diabetes may not be such a poor combination if done in individuals who have their diabetes well under control prior to the first implant surgery and maintain the control through the entire implant process. Doing so will give them the best chance of implants fully integrating with jawbones. Other ways in which diabetics can improve their odds of dental implant success are to take a course of antibiotics before and after their surgery. Dental care is required at all stages and smoking is not allowed during the process of the implant into the jawbone.

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