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Every one of us wishes to have a healthy and pleasant life without the need for visiting a doctor. Unfortunately we have to visit our doctor for different reasons either for a normal check up and follow up or for vaccination or medical problems that need to be solved. The real question is how to find a proper clinic and what is a proper clinic?



How to find a proper clinic?

Actually there is no definition for a proper clinic but usually it is a medical facility where the basic health services are comprehensive, competent and conducted in an organized manner. To identify such a medical facility usually we depend on the effect of “word of mouth” spread by the patients. Also your visit to the clinic gives you a very good and confident impression about the services provided by the medical staff..


Why a proper clinic?

It is very obvious that no one wants to visit a doctor with a medical problem and then to comes out with another problem; we all wish that as soon as we get out of the clinic to have all our problems solved. So to achieve this goal, the clinic should be properly cleaned and hygienic, not crowded and in an organized manner.


Is it difficult to find a proper clinic?

Actually it is not difficult and definitely every physician tries his best to achieve this goal according to his knowledge, skills and abilities. It is very important for the whole community to share with its opinions and experiences in achieving this goal. Every patient should have their ideas heard by the physician with the aim of raising the level of the medical science. It is very good point that our community is opened to all nationalities and all ideas with different cultural backgrounds.


So what is new now?

Actually to achieve this, we are opening the new pediatric clinic “Pediacare clinic” based on the road between Kwthar area and Mubarak 2 area. The aim of this new clinic is to provide the best, most updated and most hygienic medical services and to try to avoid any previous defects or pitfalls. All ideas and opinions are welcomed as we wish the best for everyone. We all hope for a better fortune for our families, our children and our community







Dr Rafeek Ramzy

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Member of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Member of Alexandria Organization for Implantation

Our Clinics:

Clinic 1 Sheraton road – El Souk Building Apt. no 1509 Tel. 0653450068

New Clinic 23 Mohamdy Heweidak Street, in front of Mubarak 2, above 1000 Zahra perfume shop Tel. 06534490999

Mobile: 0122 322 69 13




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