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Marjoram originated from the Orient and has spread over Egypt and Southern-Europe. The plant is high in ethereal oils and has a very strong balsamic aroma, a very pleasant perfume. It is famous in any kitchen and is used as a natural medicine for the treatment of colds, hay fever and many other illnesses. Marjoram tea has a spicy warm character and a natural calming effect to the body it restores vitality leaving you relaxed and composed. This feeling of overall well being that Marjoram brings for the calming and relaxing effect is well known. Very often the blood cleaning effect is described in old books about herbs and spices. Marjoram is an inspiring plant that has multiple uses the most common being as a tea mixture it can be found in moisturizing creams, or used as a cooking herb. Marjoram has the effect to bring equilibrium to your body.


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