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A medical-cosmetic guide


The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. It is 4 times thinner than the rest of the face. The eye skin lacks sweat and sebaceous glands which normally provide it with the hydrolipid film. The latter is a protection from dryness, environmental aggressors such as dirt, wind, dry air and climatisations. The subcutis, the layer of fat beneath the skin acts as a cushion. This layer is almost lacking around the eyes, which makes them vulnerable to small traumata. With age, fat around the eyes redistributes and forms inesthetic swelling of the under lids. This fat holds water and worsens the condition.

Continous eye movements, blinking, laughing and eye rubbing accelerate the loss of skin elasticity. In this sense, the skin around the eyes is easily prone to wrinkles. Our eyes show quickly the effect of lack of sleep, stress, smoking and bad living habits.

Swollen eyelids can be the expression of sickness such as allergies, urticaria, kidney and thyroid diseases and too salty foods. If you suffer from swollen eyelids, cool them with cold compresses or with a short application of "cold packs" with a temperature of 5 degrees C. Eye creams with decongestant properties (hamamelis, ruscogenin, caffeine, aloe vera, etc...) and hydrogels are also available on the market. Hydrogels are particularly useful as they can be applied several times a day.

As the skin around the eyes is poor in fat and very sensitive, cosmetics should not contain stong tensides or certain perfumes and/or preservatives that are known for creating irritations or allergies. We recommend oil in water (O/W) products. Other ingredients have anti-age effects: hyaluronic acid which binds water, magnesium and copper stimulate the natural collagen synthesis, vitamins have anti-oxydant properties. Liposomes are special carriers that enable the transport of active products deep in the skin.  Natural skin lines are lines according to how the collagen fibres and facial muscles are arrranged. Apply the eye care products gently and parallel to the natural skin lines, that is horizontally and from the inner to the outer eye corner.

Skin cleansing is basic to maintain skin health. The dirt which has to be removed consists of dust, sand, sweat, polluants and make-up. It is usual to remove first the make-up of the eyes, and then the one of the face. Rub gently the area away from the eye center. Avoid unnecessary stretching of the skin. To clean the eyes use specific cleansers. A removal of eye make-up with the face cleansing milk is not appropriate! Waterproof mascara is removed with waterproof products containing mineral oils.

A good protection of the eye region includes a good sun protection with large sun glasses. To avoid the effect of white rings around the eyes on a sun tanned face, use self tanning products.

At a certain point, even the optimal skin care cannot stop signs of time. In this case an injection of  Botox around the eyes has a wonderful effect: the wrinkles disappear within a few days. Best results are in women starting treatments early, that is from 30 years on.

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