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Cellulite is a widespread problem in women. It is due to an unsightly distribution of fat under the skin in certain areas, especially the thighs and buttocks. The fat under the skin in these regions is distributed in such a way that creates hollows and bumps.

The fat layer under the skin is made up of millions of cells that stick to one another. These lumps of fat are surrounded and separated by rigid strands of connecting tissue. These strands thicken and harden due to metabolic changes in their structures.  In time, hereditary factors and excessive eating forces the cells to fill up with fat and swell. On the other hand, the rigid strands cannot expand, thus the fatty tissue bulges out from the strands.


What can we do to prevent cellulite?

First, if the tendency to build cellulite exists, you must work on it long term, as it can reoccur.  Second, take care of your diet and avoid gaining weight, however also thin women have cellulite, thus confirming the hereditary disposition. Drink 1.1/2 to 2 litres of water daily. Take a maximum of 1 teaspoon of salt per day and 2 spoons of sugar as both bind water in the tissues. It is suspected that sugar damages the strands of connective tissue. Fat is allowed in small quantities, but avoid transfats found in fried foods, sausages, bakery products and margarine.  Healthy fats come from olives, avocado, nuts, rape-seed and fish.

Physical exercise can further improve the texture and appearance of the skin by burning the fat and strengthening the muscles under it. Strong muscles give a better shape to the thighs and buttocks where cellulite is most commonly seen.

Professional massages with proper oils stimulate the blood flow which in turn helps breakdown and transport away the fat and toxins and encourages the replacement of oxygen, vitamins and minerals.

Cosmetic preparations with theophylline, caffeine, vitamin A, rutin and aminophylline increase the blood flow, take excessive water away and influence the quality of the rigid strand cells. Some ingredients are supposed to dissolve the fat in the cells. Wrappings done by the cosmetician improve the efficiency of these treatments.

Liposuction can improve some cases of cellulite.  

In our Swiss Derma Center our German cosmetician and our qualified physiotherapist offer a combination of treatments, massages and exercises (including fitness training and machines) to help you get rid of your cellulite. They would be more than happy to provide you with further information or answer any questions you may have.


Dr. Margrit K. Rahmann


Swiss Derma Center Hurghada / Zurich

Tel.: 065 344 94 78

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