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The Rotary Club of Red Sea - El Gouna has arranged a donation to sponsor a student at the German Hotel School (GHS) in El Bustan, El Gouna. The Rotary Club asked GHS to search for a female student from the Red Sea area who would not be able to afford the education on their own. Three possible candidates were found and invited for interviews and tests. Fouada Ibrahim aged 17 years was chosen due to her high grades achieved at school, and her eagerness to further her education. “We all had a good impression of Fouada. This is a chance of a lifetime,” said school manager Sabrina Stӧtzel. Fouada lives with her mother Mona Mohammed and grandmother in Hurghada. Her father sadly passed away after a road traffic accident in 2008. As the Rotary Club of Red Sea El Gouna has an on-going road safety project, they were very keen to help this particular family. Employment is guaranteed once the student successfully completes their training and achieves the Fachkraft im Gastgewerbe German Chamber of Commerce qualification. The fee of 7,000 EGP will cover all the expenses for the student for one year, including training, uniform, books, and meals. German and English languages will be taught, and the student can choose from kitchen work, housekeeping, or service. Fouada is very excited to start her school term at the end of September 2015. A film crew from the German TV channels RTL, VOX, and N-TV covered the story by filming the official handing over of the scholarship to Fouada. The Rotary Club will be supporting Fouada throughout her studies and will post regular updates of her progress on their Facebook page. “Fouada entered our hearts with her beautiful face and kind smile,” said Rotary Club founder Dina Nashed who was the special governor representative chosen to set up the new Red Sea Rotary Club. “She promised to work hard during the coming 3 years until she achieves her Certificate which will enable her to work in hotels, not only in Egypt but all over the world. Today, our story with Fouada began!” The first experience for Fouada was on Thursday 17th September, 2015. The Rotary Club were hosting three German Youth Exchange students, part of the District 2451 Youth Exchange Program, and organised a visit to the German Hotel School. Fouada was invited to join the group who were taken to the kitchen and introduced to Mahmoud Schlather, kitchen chef and practical kitchen trainer, who handed everyone chef’s uniforms and aprons to change into.

The first lesson was hygiene and with clean hands the lesson began preparing lunch for all the visitors. Chef Mahmoud spoke in German and soon had the students chopping vegetables and preparing dough for home-made noodles. After kneading the flour mixture, the fun began rolling out the dough and passing it through the pasta machine. Fresh chicken pieces were then stuffed with fresh herbs and browned in a frying pan before transferring to a hot oven.

A coriander hollandaise sauce was next and the students carefully whisked the emulsion of egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice in a pan over a pot of gently simmering water. The lunch was ready to be plated, and the finished results looked very professional as the students proudly carried their food to the dining room. Sabrina Stötzel, manager of the German Hotel School El Gouna said, “I heartily welcome this young lady as a first year student for the academic year 2015/2016. Fouada Ibrahim satisfied the school's entrance criteria and surprised our interviewers with an outstanding command of English and a clear vision of her future career. She is ambitious, self-confident, and focussed. Her high grades prove that Fouada understands quickly and studies hard. She was accepted as best candidate for the sponsorship. We wish her a successful vocational training and send a huge ‘Thank you!’ to the Rotary Club of Red Sea - El Gouna.” To find out more about Fouada’s progress, follow the Facebook page with the name: Rotary-Club-Of-Red-Sea-El-Gouna


 More about the German Hotel School El Gouna / Deutsche Hotelschule El Gouna






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