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Not only a pretty face is attractive, but also nice feet! We tend to neglect our feet, although they do a big job: 5000 to 6000 steps every day. The skin of our feet suffers from dryness, sun, water, chemicals and unconfortable shoes. Overbathing and inappropriate hydration worsens the dryness. Give to your feet the treatment they deserve and take time for a proper weekly care routine.

The first step is to buy a proper soap and a foot cream or foot gel. The soap should be a syndet or a mild soap. The foot cream or gel help to moisten and rehydrate the skin. The (hydro)-gel gives moisture to the skin and does not leave a greasy film.

A weekly foot bath of 36 to 38 degrees celsius relaxes the body and softens the thickened skin of the heels. The bath can be combined with aetheric oils or bath oils. The thickened horn can be taken off with  instruments or a peeling. The latter can be made out of salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid  or microgranules. Afterwards prompt application of an emollient is recommended, as it penetrates better through hydrated skin. Alternatively, as for the face, you can apply a foot mask and leave it for 20 minutes. A foot powder containing talc, kaolin or zinc oxyd which helps reduce sweating. Aetheric oils of lemon and mint have a cooling effect.

Another method is to put a cold bottle of water under your feet and roll them on it. To prevent swelling of the feet in summer, take a cold and then warm shower to stimulate the circulation, apply refreshening leg gels, elevate the feet as often as possible, and ask the pharmacist for tablets for venous diseases made from natural products.

A professional pedecurist knows best what you need and chooses amongst all of the above procedures. Further, you can choose a nail varnish, gel or french nails. Our German cosmetician will be happy to provide you with a wellness treatment for your feet.

Dr. Margrit K. A. Rahmann

Dermatologist Zurich

Swiss Derma Center Hurghada, Tel 065 344 94 78
















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