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Red Sea Bulletin and the author of the book "Wines of Egypt“, Reinhard Rhaue, organized a unique wine event in 2010 at the guest house “Living with Art”, in which three wine producers of Egypt at this time presented their wines to representatives of hotels and the gastronomy.

Five years later, Reinhard Rhaue accompanied by Nicolette Rupp returned to Hurghada for a holiday, and travelled together with Red Sea Bulletin to Kouroum of the Nile’s winery in El Gouna.

Winemaker Labib Kallas and his wife Rania presented the new wines, produced exclusively from grapes grown in Egypt. The visitors had the chance to taste and to discuss the entire production line of white wines, red wines and the three sparkling wines of the series “Le Baron”.

Shahrazade White 2015 from Chardonnay & Vermentino, Shahrazade Rosé from Grenache & Montepulciano and Shahrazade Red from Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot achieved international standards with their freshness and aromas, which is rare character for Mediterranean wines. The wines are available at Cheers stores ( for 55 LE only.

Beausoleil White, produced from local Banatti grapes, has a touch of oak wood aroma and is so interesting for connoisseurs that it could win a silver or even gold medal at international wine tastings, like the Jardin du Nil of the winery did in the past. The bestseller of the Beausoleil collection is the Beausoleil Rosé from Merlot. A wine specialist could during a “blind-tasting” hardly guess that these grapes were grown in desert climate. Beausoleil Red is from selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and shows to be from even higher Quality than Shahrazade Red. The price of 75 Egyptian Pounds (approx. 8 Euro) is a good investment for every wine lover.

Kouroum of de Nile’s Jardin du Nil wines are of international premium-quality, proven by several medals achieved on European ground. Jardin du Nil White from Vermentino & Viognier and Jardin Nil Red from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot surprise by their maturity, power and aroma. The grapes of these wine are “organic certifies” and for this reason especially interesting for the health-conscious wine consumer.

The quality sparkling wines “Le Baron” are produced by the traditional méthode champenoise, a delicate bottle fermentation method. Interesting is that this kind of sparkling wine does not show a year on the etiquette. Labib Kallas opened the new production of Le Baron White, Rosé und Signature, a true pleasure for their freshness and aromas. Following the idol of champagne, the White is produced from Chardonnay, the Rosé from Chardonnay & Pinot Noir and the Signature as a Blanc de Noirs from Grenache & Pinot Noir.

Respect to the wine maker! Labib Kallas managed a further increase of quality of his wines from the “Country of the Nile”. Red Sea Bulletin wishes him and his great wines lots of success at the wine fair “Pro-Wein” in Duesseldorf, and to realize his vision to market the wines of the El Gouna winery in Europe.

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Author: Reinhard Rhaue - German Wine Institute (DWI)

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