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In January 1904, Baron Empain arrived in Egypt in an attempt to rescue one of the projects of his company. Despite losing the project, Empain fell in love with the Egyptian desert and in 1906 he established the Cairo Electric Railway and Heliopolis Oasis Company which brought a very large stretch of desert to the northeast of Cairo. Heliopolis was designed as the city of luxury and leisure. After more than 100 years, we take pride of our desert and the revival of the Egyptian vineyard with over 500 acres producing only organic vines. Kouroum is proudly producing Le Baron sparkling wine according to the same traditional method of the champagne region in France. The whole process is done with passion to ensure that every bottle delivers a unique experience. Second fermentation inside the bottle using mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes takes place for at least 12 months in the State of the Art Winery in El-Gouna, producing these fine bubbles in every bottle as a sign of luxury and leisure. Manual disgorging for every bottle is done in the same traditional process known as Méthode Champenoise. Of a wide variety, four luxurious types that are utterly divine wines stand out. Classic White, a unique Méthode Traditionnelle Brut dominated by Chardonnay aged 12-18 months. Perfect brilliant color with lasting depth on the palate, refreshing floral and biscuit distinguished taste full of youthfulness, vigor and Joie de Vivre. Classic Rosé, a superb blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir aged 12-18 months. Refreshing and velvety smooth mouth, sensuously caressing fruit. Fairly sweet and easily consumed, mineral rich, crispy and surprisingly full bodied finish. Our lavish Vintage White is exclusively Chardonnay aged for 36 months producing a fully evolved fine structure. Round and rich, almost chewable. Dazzling Lucid and shivering appearance, butter Mellon, nutty rich with a soft delicate honey after taste. Le Baron Signature collection, a distinctive experience, promoting a once in a lifetime unique Cuvée. Every year, a unique and personalized blend is developed under the signature concept. For the year 2015, 15,000 serially numbered bottles have been produced according to our late founder. André Hadji-Thomas’ signature blend from Pinot Noir and Grenache to deliver an exceptional ”Blanc de Noirs” toast for celebration. Today we strive to deliver exceptional and unique variety of wines, reflecting the local Egyptian terroir to be able to offer true Signature wines from Egypt.






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