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On 21st of October 2010 Red Sea Bulletin together with Reinhard Rhaue presented the most significant ‘Wine-Event’ to date in modern Egyptian history at the Honorary Consulate Hurghada of the German Embassy.

For the very first time representatives of the wine producers met with important consumer representatives. Al Ahram Beverages was represented by ‘Production Manager’ and cellarer Sebastian Boudry whilst Labib Kallas, ‘Factory Manager’ and cellarer was there to speak for EgyBev. The wines from Sahara Vineyards were presented by Sebastian Boudry and Barbara Bordiehn. What was so spectacular about it was that for the first time ever the wine producers were acting jointly in presenting Egypt’s premium wines.

Participants of the seminar were hotel managers and wine lovers. Thus, for the first time a dialogue between the different lobbies was possible.

Red Sea Bulletin and Reinhard Rhaue, who was the evening’s presenter and also introduced the third edition of his book ‘The wines of Egypt’, laid the foundation for further development of this country’s wine culture.

As a team the two cellarers (oenologists) presented their best white wines, rosé wines and red wines that are currently available for sale. It was a highlight to experience that it was the producers’ communal interest to pitch their top quality premium wines to the consumers.

The order in which Sebastian Boudry and Labib Kallas chose to present the wines was also quite interesting and significant for wine lovers hosts’ declared intention, to convince the managers, as representatives of the consumers to drink the Egyptian premium wines themselves as well as offering them to the millions of tourists in the future was a success.

Rusult of the wine tasting:

Type of wine Name of wineProducer Grape variety Vintage
1 White wine Cape Bay
Château Gianaclis
Chardonnay 2009
2 White wine Beausoleil
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Bannati (Sultana) 2008
3 White wine Caspar
Sahara Vineyards
Viognier 2009
4 White wine Caspar
Sahara Vineyards
Chenin Blanc 2009
5 White wine Jardin du Nil
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Cuvée from Chardonnay &Vermentino 2009
6 White wine Ayam
Château Gianaclis
ViognierReserve Supérieure 2009
7 Rosé wine Caspar
Sahara Vineyards
Blanc de Noirsfrom Grenache 2009
8 Rosé wine Shahrazade
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Grenache 2008
9 Rosé wine Leila
Château Gianaclis
Sangiovese 2009
10 Rosé wine Beausoleil
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Merlot 2008
11 Red wine Cape Bay
Château Gianaclis
Merlot 2009
12 Red wine Beausoleil
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Cuvée from Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot 2007
13 Red wine Château des Rêves
Château Gianaclis
Cuvée from Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot 2008
14 Red wine Jardin du Nil
Egypt Int. Beverage Co
Cuvée from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Syrah 2007
15 Red wine Nermine
Sahara Vineyards
Cuvée from Syrah, Carignan & Grenache 2009


It is now up to the consumers to expedite developments by increasing the consumption of high quality premium wines.

The wine’s future is already resting in the barrels: further improved white wines, additional high quality red wines from grape varieties that have not been cultivated here before as well as a “Premium Sparkling Wine’.

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