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On the 22nd of January each year, the Red Sea governorate celebrates its national day to mark the anniversary of the battle of Shedwan at 1970.
The Egyptian-Japanese education project is a result of mutual agreements signed between the two countries, in which Egypt benefits from the Japanese educational system by applying it in 45 state-run schools.
The selected schools will follow the Egyptian curriculum, in addition to applying the ‘Tokosto Plus’ educational system followed in Japan.
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The ‘Tokosto Plus’ system works to rehabilitate the behavior of students by engaging them in numerous Japanese activities that focus on making individuals aware of the value of time and cleanliness.
During these festive days, General Ahmed Abdullah, the Red Sea Governor, opened the Egyptian-Japanese school in Hurghada. The governor said that the school was designed in a Japanese architectural style on a total area of about 12 thousand square meters that includes 11 classrooms and 40 rooms for activities, laboratories, library, gymnasium and an advanced water cycle at a total cost of 20 million pounds.
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