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"Scorpodra". That's the name of an upcoming young international DJ and Producer living between Russia, England and Egypt that electrifies the EDM enthusiasts on the Red Sea during the summer season.

What makes Scorpodra stand out from the rest of the DJ's? Well, first of all he writes his own music! Yep, that's right. He produces his own unique and award winning music! Secondly, he plays all kind of genres ranging all the way from Future Bass, Shuffle, House to Trap and even Dubstep.

Scorpodra is known to go crazy during his sets. If you have the chance to join one of his parties, be prepared for a freaky night. Aside the most modern tracks he also mixes in some popular ones. So, most probably, you will hear your favourite song that builds up to something really crazy!

Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud to be up to date with his latest releases and upcoming gigs.

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